Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introducing: iDJ by Marquee Rents

Trying to cut down the costs of having a fabulous wedding can be a daunting task. We have seen a trend with some of our budget conscious brides at The Allan House, to opt out of hiring a DJ and instead, use an iPod along with a rented speaker system.

Although we highly recommend hiring a professional DJ or band for your special event, our friends at Marquee Rents have created quite an enticing alternative... iDJ!

Marquee simplifies the music situation at your event by doing all of the work for you! iDJ is their new service that will provide all of the equipment you need (including the iPod!) and even create custom playlists for your big day. They will drop it off, set it up, make sure it works, and come back to pick it up. DIY can be stressful, but Marquee's solution is budget friendly AND stress-free!

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