Monday, February 14, 2011

BHLDN - Anthropologie Wedding Line

I am sure that the first thing you did today was jump on your computer and check out the new Anthropologie wedding line that launched this morning, BHLDN, just as I did! If for some reason you did not have enough time to thoroughly shop around, do not fret, I have chosen some of my favorites to share with you.

Before we get into the gowns, dresses, shoes, accessories, lingerie etc., I wanted to clear up one question. I know this was my first reaction to the new line, so it may be yours as well... "What the heck does BHLDN stand for?"  It is actually BEHOLDEN minus the vowels. Anthro was inspired by the Dutch word, which means "to keep", and so became BHLDN. Now on to my favs!

My Favorite Gown!

My Favorite Dress!

My Favorite Shoes!

My Favorite Assecories!

And my MOST Favorite!

I have borrowed all of the images from

I hope these bring you as much joy and excitement as they did to me. Let us know what your favorites are after you check out the new website, and Happy Valentines!

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