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Downtown Churches Only Minutes from The Allan House

Looking for the perfect church for your ceremony before your Allan House reception? Many of our brides at The Allan House want the traditional church setting for their ceremony, so they can have the best of both worlds when they transfer over to their fun-filled reception in our outdoor courtyard.

There are so many great options for a traditional ceremony in beautiful downtown Austin that are only minutes from The Allan House.

Photo Courtesy of Central Christian Church
Central Christian Church is only seconds away from The Allan House, which makes it really easy for your guests to transition to your reception without having to worry about navigating directions to get there or even moving their vehicles. Non-member weddings are welcome, but their ministers typically do perform the ceremonies. The fee to hold a ceremony at the CCC is $1,550 which includes a minister to perform the wedding, a director of music to perform piano and organ, a wedding coordinator, custodian and security services, as well as candelabras and a unity candle. The spacious sanctuary holds up to 400 people comfortably.

Saint Martin's Lutheran Church offers a beautiful "Romanesque" environment for your ceremony, and they offer wedding ceremonies for members as well as non-members.  St. Martin's charges a fee of $1,900 which includes use of the ceremony space for up to 4 hours and a 1 hour rehearsal, a pastor for the rehearsal and wedding ceremony, an organist, wedding coordinator, as well as custodial services. For more information regard their policies and booking visit their website.

Photo Courtesy of The Knot 

Saint Mary's Cathedral, located on 10th and Brazos, is only 3 minutes from The Allan House. To schedule a ceremony you must have a Certificate of Baptism as well as a Certificate of Confirmation. For active parishioners to schedule a wedding ceremony, Saint Mary's requires a $500 contribution and for non-parishioners they require a $1,200 contribution. All couples getting married by a priest of the cathedral must complete several pre-marital programs.

Weddings held at St. Mary's occur at either  2pm or 7:30pm on Saturdays. For more information visit their website.

The Central Presbyterian Church, located on the corner of East 8th Street and Brazos, offers ceremony options for members as well as non-members of its congregation and allows you to bring your own pastor. There is a basic fee of $500 for non-members and $125 for members for use of the sanctuary, which includes use of the facilities for 4 hours in addition to a 1 hour rehearsal time the day before the wedding. They offer an organist, pastor, as well as a wedding director for your big day. For additional information regarding CPC's event policies visit their website. To inquire about available dates, contact their church secretary at 512.472.2445.

Photo Courtesy of The Knot
The First Methodist Church of Austin has two classic spaces for wedding ceremonies, for members and non-members. The first space, named the Murchison Chapel, is suitable for more intimate wedding ceremonies and can seat up to 120 guests.  The second sanctuary is very spacious and can seat up to 800 guests, but they normally hold around 200-300 guests for typical weddings. The sanctuary features beautiful stained glass windows as well as a spectacular pipe organ and baby grand piano.  Only 2 minutes from The Allan House, this church is a magnificent setting for your wedding ceremony.

For more information contact their wedding coordinator at 512.478.5684.

Saint David's Episcopal Church is a lovely venue for your wedding ceremony, only 3 minutes from The Allan House! They ask that either the bride or groom be an active member of their congregation, and they require their couples to attend marriage classes before their nuptials. Saint David's provides three different worship centers to choose from, and they have ample parking for your guests. Their Historic Sanctuary, a more traditional setting, provides seating for up to 425 guests, and their Bethell Hall is a more modern environment that can hold up to 200 guests. For very intimate weddings, their Grace Chapel is an ideal space that can hold up to 30 guests.

Wherever you decide to plan your wedding ceremony in downtown Austin, a reception at The Allan House will offer the perfect progression for your wedding guests from a beautiful church to our charming venue. And you can rest assured that your guests won't have to travel far to enjoy a magical reception!

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