Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Delicious Decor Ideas for Your Wedding P. 1

Fruits and vegetables aren’t just for eating anymore! Adding some seasonal produce to your special day will incorporate a natural and creative aspect.

An Apple A Day….
-Apple centerpieces: For a fall wedding, fill a large glass vase with green apples with a few stem less dark orange dahlia flowers facing outward. Select a cloth ribbon that coordinates with your overall décor to tie around the middle and place a decorative table number.

-Seating Cards: Cut leaf shapes out of neutral colored card stock and write your guest’s names and table numbers on each. Slightly crease the center of the leaf and insert the point into the stem area of an apple.
-Favors: Mini burlap sacks filled with apples and a favorite recipe for apple pie will provide a great send off for each of your guests.

Pear Per Place….
-For table name cards, try gluing a small, decorative banner with your guests name to the stem of the pear and set it at the top of the plate.

A Hint of Lime…
-To decorate the stem area of a clear vase, slice limes thin and arrange them against the inside of the vase to hide the cut stems of your floral arrangement. You can also try this with kiwi slices for something a little out of the box!

-Try taking the lime theme to more areas of your wedding by using them as table assignments. Take very simple cards with the name and table of your guests and fasten them to limes and place them in rows for a fun touch.

When Life Gives You Lemons…
-Lemons, like limes, can be used in many different ways so get creative with them! You can use them as a vase-filler or make a bouquet of lemons as the main ingredient. Do this by inserting floral stakes into the end of the lemons and then putting the other end of the stick into floral foam. Place a few flowers in the bouquet to bring in pops of color.

Fruit Salad…
-For a tropical theme, you can use a pineapple as the base of your arrangement. After removing the top third (including the leaves) of the fruit, remove as much of the inside as possible and insert floral foam soaked in water. You can then arrange apples on floral stakes, tropical leaves, and buckthorn berries in the fruit vase for a sweet centerpiece.

-For a more formal affair, you can create a simple but elegant centerpiece by filling a large hurricane vase with green apples, green grapes, and key limes with white hydrangeas sprouting from the top.

-If you will have long tables at your reception, try creating a stylish minimalist centerpiece by alternating four different pieces. Two of the four items are cylinder vases, one filled with green apples and the other with key limes. Next, wrap two smaller vases with green silk and insert a bunch of kale into one and green hydrangeas with white roses in the other. In between the vases place small white candles to provide a glowing ambiance.

Be sure to check back this Friday for Part Two, decor with vegetables!

Brecht H.

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