Friday, July 3, 2009

Delicious Decor Ideas for Your Wedding P. 2

In addition to fruit, vegetables can make an excellent addition to your reception’s decor. Seasonal vegetables can add unique details while remaining cost effective.

Easy as Pumpkin Pie…

-Pumpkins are perfect for fall weddings and they can be used in many different ways. For escort or name cards, put a small cut in the stems of small pumpkins to create places to insert the cards.

-Larger pumpkins are great for centerpieces. One option is get a large 3 wick candle of your color choice and carve a hole in the pumpkin just big enough to fit the candle. Clean out the inside of the pumpkin and insert the candle. Add a wreath of fall berries and leaves around the candle and smaller tea lights on the table around the pumpkin

-Another simple DIY pumpkin centerpiece option is to cut the pumpkin lower to resemble a bowl shape and fill the cleaned inside with water. Place floating candles in the water and surround the pumpkin with fall leaves.

Veggie Tales…
-Vase Filler: To add texture to your clear vases, fill them with green split peas or dried corn kernels. This is perfect for floral arrangements or tea light holders.

-Candle Holder: To dress up your candle holders, cut the top of an artichoke flat and remove some of the center leaves. Place a small candle in the center and use a class candle holder to keep the artichoke upright.

-Centerpiece: Create your own stunning centerpiece using asparagus, artichokes, mini kale, peonies, and lilacs.
1. You will need: 2 cube glass vases, one large (6") and one small (4"); 1 small square (about 4" x 4" x 3\8") of floral clay; 4"-square floral foam; 5 floral stakes; 2 bunches peonies (about 10 stems) in two shades of pink; 1 bunch of lilacs; 1 bunch of miniature kale; 2 bunches of thin asparagus; 5 baby artichokes; 2' pink and green ribbon EQUIPMENT: cutting board; pruning shears; scissors; chef's knife; double-sided tape
2. Place the floral clay in the center of the larger vase and the smaller vase on top of the clay. Trim the asparagus stalks to about 5" before you place them between the two vases. Add water to the outer vase so all stalks are covered by at least 1".
3. The floral foam should be placed inside the smaller vase.
4. Cut off the stems of the artichokes and push the floral stakes into each artichoke’s centers from the bottom.
5. Fill the smaller vase halfway with water (2"). Cut peonies, lilacs, and kale to 8" to 10" and slot them randomly into the floral foam so they stay in place.
6. Artichoke stakes should be cut to 9" or 10½" and inserted so they sit higher than the flowers.
7. Attach double-sided tape to the back on both sides of the ribbon and wrap around the center of the square vase.

Olives, Limes, and Artichokes, Oh My!

-These three vegetables can be a great staple for a green or nature inspired wedding. First, for a chic, yet simple centerpiece use a large tin can decorated with your names, date of the wedding, and table number held to the can by a ribbon. Fill the can with asparagus, key limes, small green apples (some crabapples are green), and foliage of your choice. A few flowers will break up the green and tie in the other colors of your wedding

-Bring the nature theme to to the cake as well by creating a cake topper of an olive-filled cup. You can include the same foliage used in the centerpieces to add additional texture.

Decorative accents for your wedding or special event don't have to cost you an arm and a leg to be innovative and fabulous. By utilizing produce items from your local supermarket, not only will you be able to have one-of-a-kind centerpieces, your guests will be impressed by your out-of-the-box creations.

Brecht H.

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