Friday, June 19, 2009

Online Wedding Resources

Trying to maintain a budget for your wedding can be quite a challenge. After you set your budget, check out’s budgeting tools to help you decide how to allocate the funds towards each aspect of your wedding. The amount set aside for décor will heavily influence the atmosphere of your wedding, so making the most out of the budget is a must. We have found a few websites that offer great items at reasonable prices.

After you decide on what you want the overall feel of the wedding to be, look around on the internet for some ideas.,, and all offer great inspirations for your special day. Once you have a fairly thorough idea of what items you would like to be a part of your décor, try searching for those items on the following websites: (click on the “Wedding” link at the bottom of the category list) – Etsy resembles Amazon in the way that it offers goods from a wide variety of vendors. Everything on is handmade. The items are unique and of the highest quality to make every detail of your wedding ideal. – This website is an excellent resource for vases, decorative lighting, outdoor accessories, natural touch flowers, and much more. They offer great prices and no wholesale-license required!– The provides all kinds of paper items including stationary, invitations, favor boxes, and just about any kind of paper product you would like. They even offer a how-to section with templates for printing from your home computer. and - Both are great resources for paper lanterns, lighting accessories, and other decorations. – This site sells classy and unique favors as well as centerpiece accessories. The website even lets you search for items based on the season or theme of your event.

Designing your wedding décor will not only save money but, it can also offer a fun memory! After you have received all of your ordered items, throw a girls-night with your bride’s maids to enlist help with the assembly of the items (bribes with treats and drinks always help!)
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