Thursday, June 30, 2011

Party Favors Your Guests Will Love

You've been diligent in your planning and now you are down to the last finishing touches. The dress is ready, venue booked, linens chosen and caterers set to serve. One task you may be putting off? Choosing those dreaded party favors. Since party favors are typically allotted a small part of your budget, it may seem impossible to find something your guests will enjoy and that you will feel good about giving out. But don't fear just yet, thanks to a wonderful article from The Knot Texas, we are here to help guide you through the process!

It's easy to be unimaginative when choosing your party favors, it may seem like less work or money to settle with the comfortable or typical favors. But surprisingly enough, there are several cute, clever, and inexpensive ideas your guests will enjoy.

The Knot surveyed hundreds of subscribers and found that the bulk (about 50 percent) of brides spent around $1-3 for their gifts and the second place (15 percent) spend between $3-7. With these brackets in mind we researched and chose our top five party favor ideas!

1. Maracas:
This may seem like an odd choice, but hear us out. These can be a great favor that can be used to keep the party going on your big day! By handing these out to guests, you can start a conga line or play festive music and guests will surely put their new favors to use! The maracas pictured above are from The Oriental Trading Company for only $15 for a dozen.

2. Cocktail Mixes:
Cocktail drink mixes are a great favor to give guests that can be used beyond the reception. It's a fun way for guests to try new drinks, and not to mention these cocktail mixes in the picture above are absolutely adorable. The Knot offers these fun and creative packages for only $1.55 each!

3. Bubbles
Bubbles like these cute ones offered from The Knot are low-cost and can add some flare to your send off. Oriental Trading Company also offers adorable bubble bottles in the shape of champagne bottles for 50 cents each! This is a great low-cost and practical alternative to the typical cookie wedding favor.  

4. Measuring Spoons

These measuring spoons called "Love Beyond Measures" are offered at just $2.15 a set from Creative Wedding Favors. At a low price, this favor is one that is not only cute, but super practical! Guests will love a gift that they can actually put to use following your big day.

5. Herb Favor Boxes
Boxes like this Parsley Herb Box from Green Wedding are great ways to go Eco friendly while still maintaining practicality. Guests will love taking home their own parsley box to add to some of their favorite recipes, and you'll feel good keeping it Eco-friendly. Green Wedding offers several Herb Boxes at just $3.50 a piece!

An important fact to always remember when choosing the perfect wedding favor is that your guests are not coming to the wedding to receive a killer gift. They are coming to support you on your big day. So don't stress too much about an appropriate price range or what your guests will think of their favors! Trust your gut and choose what feels right. When stuck on ideas, creativity is always a great way to go!

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