Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fruit filled fun!

Whether your event is set to take place in the spring time or the fall, adding fresh fruit to your centerpieces can really bring out the time of year, and add to the festive feel of your event! We love using lemons or limes on your table tops. The colors are so bright and fun for the spring and summertime!

If you're having an outdoor event and looking for a more rustic feel on your tabletops, we love this setting!
We also love the idea of have fruit in water, whether it's to showcase the inside pattern or just to have them floating!

Having a wedding inspired by green? Go with green apples on your tables and white linens for a fresh and clean look! Even if you aren't having a "green" wedding, feel free to add them to you centerpieces with florals to tie in your wedding colors (as pictured above).

Fall wedding? Try oranges or orange slices!

And honestly, what could be more fall than pumpkins? They are espically fun when you carve them to be personalized for your special day!
Whenever your event may be, look into spicing your event up with some fresh fruit!

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