Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Personalize your Party

Whether you are planning a bridal shower, birthday party, or wedding, personalize the décor to include tidbits about the guest(s) of honor. There are so many ways to bring their personality into the party by selecting their favorite colors, foods, or desserts but how about making the celebrant into décor themselves? Take a look at some ideas for transforming their pictures into focal points of the day.

Picture perfect: Select a recyclable vase from BlumeBox that you will use as your centerpiece and measure the four sides so you know what size picture you should order. Choose two fabulous pictures of your friend and have enough copies or enlargements made to have 2 of each image per table. Use a straightedge slicer to trim the edges of the photos to fit the Blumebox sides perfectly or with a small line of the Blumebox exposed for a border. Use scrapbook tape to adhere the image to the exterior of the box, fill with flowers and voilà! A perfect centerpiece everyone will be talking about.
[Image from Hostesswiththemostess.com]

Hanging by a Thread: Dig through old pictures of your friend(s) to hang by clothespins on a line. If you are hosting a party with seating assignments, use this as the location for the escort cards.

[Image from TheKnot.com]

Thanks a Million: When sending out your thank you cards, consider using a picture of the entire group at the event as the front page. If you were not able to gather everyone into one shot, an creative image of the guest(s) of honor is a great replacement.

[Image from Weddingbee.com]
PosePrints: This website transforms the guest of honor into a look-a-like cartoon. PosePrints allows you to completely design the appearance, pose, and style of the guest of honor and place them on an invitation with a background suited for the event. These custom invitations are perfect for a birthday parthy, engagement party, or baby shower.

No matter what the event is celebrating, customize the details to honor the celebrant and to show their personality. When selecting images, be sure that they are photos that the guest of honor will not be embarrassed to have shown to all his/her best friends, you want them to have fun looking at the decorations too!

Brecht H.

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Tricia said...

I love reading your blogs. Great insight for entertaining. I have logged away many ideas for my future events. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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