Friday, July 31, 2009

10 Tips for Getting the Best Bridal Portraits

[Photographer: Hyde Park Photography]

Bridal portraits are meant to resemble your idea of how the wedding day will be. Keep these tips in mind when preparing for the photo-session to make sure this day is as enjoyable as the big day.

1.Prepare: Bridal portraits are meant to resemble your ideal image of your wedding day, so plan in advance what look and feel you are trying to create. Establishing a “theme” will help your photographer to understand exactly what you hope to achieve out of the day.

2. Hair and Makeup: Your makeup and hair testing day is a perfect time to schedule your portraits because you know you will look the same on the actual wedding day. Don’t forget to wear a button up shirt to your styling appointments so you don’t risk messing anything up when you change into your gown.

[Photographer: Lunaphoto]
3. Your Are the Star: While the dress is a huge part of your wedding and should be showcased in the portraits, do not let it overshadow the woman underneath the dress. You are after all, the star of the day.

4. Bouquet: Have your florist create a mock bouquet for you to use as a prop in some of your shots. Most florists can make a perfect replica of silk flowers to shed a few dollars off the cost.

5. Shoes: Wear taller shoes than the shoes you plan to wear at your wedding. This will prevent the dress from dragging the ground and getting dirty.

6. Posture: Make sure you maintain great posture in all the shots; it will make you appear taller and thinner. Shrug your shoulders and roll them down and back for good posture.

7. Shed Some Pounds: Want to look thinner? While your head faces the camera, slightly turn your body at an angle. This lengthens your torso and shrinks your waist. Take a look at any starlet when she is posing for a picture to see examples.

8. Practice: Before you meet with the photographer, practice in the mirror. You will feel a little silly but learning what smiles and facial expressions look the best will help you to have more successful images from the shoot.

9. Do Your Research: Look at multiple photographers’ websites to get ideas for poses and angles you like. Make sure you go over your ideas with your photographer but also take his suggestions into account. Remember, he may have creative ideas that you haven’t seen already.

10. Be Candid: Some of the best pictures are those when the bride is completely candid. Ask the photographer to get a few shots while you are not posing. Bring a friend along who can make you laugh and while the two of you are chatting and laughing, the photographer can snap some pretty amazing images showing your natural smile.

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