Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Your Cake, Your Way

The days of the traditional multi-tiered white wedding cakes are behind us. Now brides and grooms are using their cakes to match their personal styles and preferences. From colorful cakes to ice cream bars, the cake cutting tradition is rapidly changing!

Below are some of my favorite cake ideas for the bride and groom.

Pairing cupcakes with a cake is a great way to still allow a cake cutting but still and a fun flair to your reception!

Colorful cakes are taking weddings by storm! This is a great way to use your cake as extra decoration!

Cake balls are the latest and greatest alternative to a traditional cake. Not only are they easy to eat but their shape and decoration are always a hit.

Similar to cake balls, using cupcakes in the shape of a traditional cake is a great alternative as well!

If you have a favorite flavor like this cheesecake cake, do not hesitate to choose it! There are so many great options and ways to dress up your favorite cake style.

Not huge on cake? Ice cream bars like this one are a fun idea. With a toppings bar, your guests will have fun creating their own ice cream cone. Not mention, these are a great way to cool down during a hot summer wedding!

Brides aren't the only ones getting creative with weddings cakes though. Grooms cakes continue to become more creative! Below are some amazing grooms cakes done by one of our favorites, Simon Lee Bakery.

Cakes designed around the grooms alma mater have remained a huge hit. This amazing one of the UT tower is absolutely gorgeous!

Men love their golf. When stuck on ideas, a cake inspired by their favorite hobby is always a great route to take!

This cigar cake is one of my absolute favorites! It's such a creative and fun cake that guests are sure to love!

If you are having trouble picking your cake and you aren't interested in going the traditional route, do not be afraid to be unique! Let your cake work as decorations or use easy-access cake balls or cupcakes. In the end, creativity is key!

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