Thursday, June 2, 2011

Outdoor Weddings Are A Must-Have In 2011

One of the biggest trends for 2011 has been the craze for outdoor weddings! We've seen a desire for natural settings and outdoor scenery come alive this year and we love it! Not only does an outdoor wedding allow guests to enjoy fresh air as they dance the night away, but it gives couples the opportunity to use the simplicity of nature and add more personal touches to their big day. In this great article from, you can receive step by step instructions on how to plan the perfect hill country wedding; with step number two being to choose an outside venue!
In cities like Austin, where being outdoors is a huge part of life, this trend is especially true. If you have the opportunity to get married in a beautiful city such as Austin, why not use the resources that nature has to offer? The beautiful landscape can be used as free decoration and if it's an evening wedding, this gives you the opportunity to utilize cool and creative lighting that will be sure to "wow" your guests.

Here at The Allan House, we have seen so many beautiful outdoor ceremony and receptions. Here's a few of our favorites!

We love the unique tables that this couple chose, they look great with the natural backdrop!

A huge factor that tends to scare couples away from an outdoor wedding is unpredictable weather. Rather than take the risk, you can use several different tent options to keep you and your guests dry and keep your wedding stylish. Marquee offers several different tent options. Here are some of the beautiful weddings with tents at The Allan House.

You can go with a clear-top tent...

Or with a simple solid top tent.

You can also dress up your tent with any fixtures or decorations you prefer!

Finally, don't let cold weather keep you from having an outdoor wedding. During the Winter months (December, January and February) Marquee offers a fabulous 2,600 square foot, clear tent at no additional cost at The Allan House. This option is definitely one of our favorites and always looks beautiful!

The lighting its stunning through the Winter tent!

So what's our advice? Sit back and let nature provide beautiful details while allowing you to add your personal tour!


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