Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trend Alert: Photo Booth Guest Books

Courtesy of BoothBooth

Photo Booths have been taking wedding receptions by storm over the past few years! The mall entertainment staple has now been proven as a fun and funky way to create memories from your reception.

They provide a creative form of a guest book for your guests to enjoy as well as leave you with a set of images to remind you of your perfect day for years to come. From huge hollywood parties to small, low-key weddings, photo booths have proven to be an absolute hit!

Companies such as BoothBooth and other Photo Booth vendors give you the opportunity to chose the backdrop of your choice paired with black and white or color options to capture endless possibilities of great memories!

You can go with a more artistic approach...

Courtesy of BoothBooth

Or you can go all out with a completely goofy approach!

Courtesy of BoothBooth

But don't forget, the bride and groom can have fun with it too!

Courtesy of BoothBooth
Another fun variation to your average guest book is the newest sensation; flipbook booths! It works by allowing guests to film a quick video and within 90 seconds, they receive a flipbook of their video!

Tuesday evening at The Allan House, FlipSide provided a fun way for guests to capture their memories at the ISES event!

Whether it's photo booths or video flipbooks, the newest trend is to get creative! Try for new and exciting ways for guests and yourself to capture all the great memories from your event!

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