Friday, March 25, 2011

Dress Up Your Bouquet!

A bride's bouquet is an essential piece to establish her wedding day look. Everyone will see it as she as she walks down the aisle, so the wrap of the bouquet, which covers the stems, is definitely not something that will go unnoticed!  We have seen many brides here at The Allan House add flare to their bouquets by dressing up the wrap.  There are so many bouquet treatments from which to choose, so search around and find the one that will highlight your personal style and complement your wedding décor. Below you will find some of my absolute favorites.

Photo Courtesy of Wedding Chicks
Keepsake jewelry is a beautiful addition to a bouquet wrap that adds simple elegance and a personal touch. Incorporating a loved one's jewelry into your wedding wardrobe is not only beautiful but also incredibly sentimental and meaningful.

Photo Courtesy of Style Me Pretty
I love this delicate bouquet wrap that was featured on Style Me Pretty.  It is so girly and fun but chic at the same time. Perfect for the inner-ballerina in you!

Photo Courtesy of Style Me Pretty 
Tie in your color scheme with a bright ribbon!  I love how cheerful and festive this bouquet treatment is. The wrap adds a pop of color without overpowering the gorgeous flower arrangement.

Picture Courtesy of Style Me Pretty
Beautiful and sentimental, adding pictures of loved ones to your bouquet is a great way to commemorate your family in your wedding.  Find lockets to display the pictures, and use a colored string or twine to keep the lockets in place. Use pearls to add charm to the ribbon, and you have an elegant wrap for your bouquet!

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Use a personalized handkerchief with your wedding date or initials embroidered on it for a bouquet wrap. You can keep this as a memento from your wedding for years to come!

Burlap or twine is a simplistic way to wrap up a bouquet for a rustic wedding.  It looks gorgeous and natural without taking away from the flowers, and it goes with any color scheme.

Photo Courtesy of Style Me Pretty
For a more vintage look, use lace or burlap to wrap your bouquet, and secure it with an antique brooch.

I hope you had as much fun lusting over all these bouquets as I did! There are so many unique options to style up your bouquet, and I am sure that you will find one that fits the look you are trying to achieve.

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