Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Carrying Fashion Trends into Wedding Themes

So often we see wedding themes based around the seasons. Pastels and brighter tones for spring and summer, then warmer and darker colors for fall and winter, but this spring and summer boast some amazing fashion trends that I think would carry beautifully into the wedding world. Here are a few of my favorites, from colors and patterns to textures and themes. All photos were borrowed from theknot.com wedding ideas tab.

1) Nautical 

Nautical Dress by J Crew

The idea of nautical is to keep everything very simple and clean with red, white and navy being the typical colors used. The more simple, the better. I love how these all white flowers have a striped ribbon wrapped around them. The all navy bridesmaid dresses also go with the nautical feel, and you can always add gold shoes and jewelry to dress up the look. Feel free to incorporate rope, anchors and other east coast beach/bay accents like these adorable lobster cookie favors.


2) Bright Citrus Colors 

Citrus Dress by Anthropologie

Don't hesitate to use bright colors this summer! Tangerine and melon are among some of the citrus colors that are in style for 2011. These paper fan programs are a great way to ensure the heat of summer doesn't overwhelm your guests. Be bold!

3) Safari
Safari Dress by LOFT

The bold animal prints from fall have carried over to give us a safari trend for spring and summer. Use textures, warm lighting and patterns to give your wedding a classy safari feel. Tall grass and feathers will bring this exotic theme to life.

My favorite part about all of these themes/trends is that they can make your city wedding feel like a destination.  Can you imagine your guests arriving to your event and immediately being transported to the beaches of Maine, the warmth of Florida, or the wildness of the Sahara Desert. 

Take a risk and try turning one of your favorite pieces of clothes this spring/summer into inspiration for your wedding!

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