Thursday, February 3, 2011

Making a Grand Exit

I am sure that after spending all day in your wedding dress and dancing the night away, you will be ready to get out of your gown and into something not so formal. Changing into an exit outfit is a great way to expedite the process and make the ride home a little more comfortable. There are several options when choosing your getaway garb, from short and white to vintage and bold.  Put on something that speaks to your personality and tells your guests you are ready for your new start.

One option is to slip into another white dress. Changing from your bridal gown into a shorter white dress tells everyone that you are still the bride, just with a little more personality.

Another option is to pick something that fits with your theme and décor from the night. For example if your accent color is red, find a flirty, fun red dress for your exit.

Dress by BCBG

You can also change into an outfit that has special meaning to you.  Maybe the dress from your first date or your mother's wedding gown that wasn't quite right for your ceremony. This is a way to incorporate a piece of history and could even become a family tradition.

Meredith is an Allan House bride that changed into an outfit that was extra special to her.  It was the same going-away attire that her grandmother wore for her own wedding exit back in the 50's.

Whether it is white or black, new or old, your exit outfit is one final detail that can surprise your guests. It also adds a change of pace to your photographs for the evening, and it allows your getaway to be a lot more comfortable. 

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