Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wedding Planning at Your Fingertips

Can't leave home without your iPhone? Rely on the calendar application to make it to all your meetings? Me too! Luckily for you, smart phone technology is allowing for you to plan everything at your fingertips, including your wedding!

As all of you current (or future) wedding planners may know, the event takes a lot of preparation. In a world that is run by technology and social media, it's no surprise that the wedding industry has reached into the popular mobile applications upon which many of us already rely. 

With the many aspects of a wedding, from the engagement, to the dress, the budget, venue and guest lists, I have found a few smart phone applications that can keep all the important information on one little device. One that you just-so-happen to always have on you.

Engagement Ring Application
iPhone Screenshot 1
Still in the market for an engagement ring? Check out the new Tiffany & Co. application for the iPhone. It creates an easy and interactive shopping experience. Not only does the application show all the rings available at the Tiffany & Co. stores, but it is also a good education tool, especially for the unfamiliar male shopper. The app has a ring sizer, allowing the user to place a ring on the screen of the phone to determine the size. Users can store their favorite combinations and share them through email, text message, Facebook and Twitter, allowing for a discrete second opinion. A consultation can also be scheduled right from the application itself!

Wedding Gown Application
iBridal gown application
iPhone Screenshot 2
This fun app helps you with the search of the perfect bridal gown for your big day. After each bridal shop visit, you can enter information into your phone about dresses you are considering. Knowing the bridal terms "empire versus ball gown" is not necessary with easy to recognize silhouette examples on the app for you to choose from. You can even take pictures and store them right along with the rest of the information. Your favorite dresses are placed in a special folder with pictures, details, and even directions to the salon!

Wedding Planner
Bridal Binder
iPhone Screenshot 2
This complete wedding application has it all! A countdown of days until the wedding is on the main screen of the app. Among many other features is also a breakdown of the budget, making it easy to add up and see the total of your expenses listed by category. There is also a very detailed checklist and a blog to go along with it, full of useful spreadsheets and ideas. Not to mention the vendor section giving tips on vendors, making it easy to select them, communicate with them, and even follow up after the wedding!

With technology applications assisting in every other aspect of life, why not allow it to help plan one of the most important days of yours? Enjoy!

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John said...

Thanks for great Tips
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