Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Award Winning Photo of The Allan House

We were thrilled to learn that Bill Mccullough, an award winning photojournalist out of central Texas, won an  award for his "scene setting" photograph which captured the ambiance of this fairy tale evening wedding in the The Allan House's courtyard. 

We love that Bill's style is different from your average wedding photographer. He immediately captivates his viewers by drawing attention to the slightest of details. From the bride and groom dancing, to the baby being thrown into the air, down to the details of the brightened century old oak trees above, we cannot get over his ability to provide a different and artistic viewpoint of spontaneous, real life moments.

A photojournalistic approach to wedding photography is a popular style to choose from today. Photographers that specialize in this approach are able to capture mood and emotion, rather than staged shots of more traditional wedding photography. 

When choosing your wedding photographer make sure your photographer is experienced, as well as, (if desired of course) up to date on the new technology available. Most importantly though, we recommend meeting your prospective photographers ahead of time to get an idea of their personality! Ask to view recent wedding albums in their entirety to make sure their style is right for you. 

Your wedding pictures will provide you with the memories of a night you will never want to forget, so choose your photographer with love and remember to smile!

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