Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wedding Trend Alert: Thursday Night Nuptials

2009 has been The Allan House's most popular year yet, with a wedding nearly every Saturday evening and the majority of Fridays and Sundays booked as well. 2010 is the first year that we are seeing couples branch out and schedule Thursday evening weddings.

Remember when Friday night weddings were considered faux pas? Obviously, this is no longer the case. As for Thursdays, they are quickly becoming the new Friday.

The benefits to hosting a Thursday evening wedding are substantial. Venue rates are significantly reduced for weeknight rentals. Many other vendors offer discounts for Thursdays as well. A Thursday night ceremony and reception give several brides the chance to have the wedding of their dreams on a not-so-big budget.

Weddings are meant to be shared with the family and friends you care about most. Even if your wedding is on a weeknight, the guests who want to be there will be. If someone declines your invitation to the big day because a weeknight is just too inconvenient for them, do you really want them there anyway?

As for the guests who do opt to come in from out of town during the week, their travel arrangements (airfare, hotel rooms, etc.) will be far less than what they would pay for a weekend trip. A Thursday night wedding also gives guests more time to enjoy our great city of Austin (or wherever your wedding destination may be) before they return home.

Remember, this is your wedding day! Do what makes you happy! But make sure your guests are comfortable and well taken care of whenever and wherever your wedding takes place.

Visit Wedding Wire for more opinions on Thursday night weddings.


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