Friday, August 14, 2009

Labor Day Nautical Theme

Labor Day decor doesn’t have to just be patriotic red, white, and blue. You can keep the same meaningful colors while incorporating a totally different theme. A nautical Maine lobster theme utilizes red, white, and blue without the stars and stripes. Lollipop Events and Design showcased a fun Nantucket Nautical themed wedding that is also ideal for a Labor Day lobster feast.

Table: Use a simple white linen and a patriotic red overlay. The plates can be basic white with ivory or clear glass stemware. Place your flatware in a cute corn cob holder with a small red ribbon tied around the neck to hold the pieces together.

For the napkins, find something in the same color palette but with a different pattern to add extra contrast. Use the same ribbon that you will use for the centerpiece vases to tie around the middle of the folded napkin. Top the napkin off with a silver spray painted sea fan (which you can purchase on

Centerpiece: Take two simple cylinder vases that are about the same size. Turn one upside down and place a few drops of hot glue on the base. Securely place the second vase on top of the glue spots for a tall and dramatic centerpiece. Next, select a patterned wrapping paper or scrapbook paper to wrap around the area where the two vases come together and fasten with glue. Accentuate the edges of the paper with ribbon of your choice. Lastly, take willow branches that you have spray painted red and arrange them in the top vase.

To balance out the height of the centerpiece, select 4 smaller cylindrical or rectangle shaped vases to place on either side of the centerpiece. Wrap the same ribbon around the center as you did with the taller piece and insert a few stems of an inexpensive red flower, such as red carnations or peonies.

Décor: While the Lollipop ladies used paper bags at the head of each table setting as a creative lobster-shaped menu, for a more casual affair, you can skip the menu and just use a lobster stamp in red paint to create fun goody bags. Consider filling the bags with themed candies such as lobster gummies (from and lobster pops (from

Add personal touches to create an intimate party with your friends and celebrate Labor Day in style!
Brecht H.

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