Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Looking to Add a Little "Green" to Your Wedding?

With all the new rage of "going green" in today's world, why not make this new trend a part of your special day?

Here's an idea: eco-friendly wedding favors. Here are a few ideas that the Allan House staff came up with and wanted to share with you:

Seed Packet or Flower Pot - Not only does it fit the cliche "budding new love," but it can encourage your guests to get outside and make this world a more beautiful place.

Customized Grocery Tote - Personalize this favor to help your guests remember your special day, while also giving them something they can use to help the environment.

Donation (in honor of guest) - Make a donation to a local environmental charity and then give your guests a certificate of donation in thier name. This is a great budget-friendly idea because you can donate any amount you are able; every dollar helps the environment!

Fruit Baskets - Tie in your wedding colors by highlighting a local produce farmer. Fill petite wicker baskets with raspberries or blueberries for an organic treat your guests can enjoy later.

Fans - Perfect to keep guests cool throughout the wedding on a hot Austin day. Use bamboo or recycled paper for the material and tie on ribbon to add some color!

Organic Relaxation - Give your guests some sweet smelling soaps or bubble bath to take home. Don't forget to order extra for you and your groom to enjoy later!


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